Filter Element Make Filtration Easy and Precision

Who We Are?

Boegger Industech Limited is the professional supplier in China since 2000. It is always committed to study, design and produce filter elements.
Now its products include wedge wire filter element, filter nozzle, cylindrical filter element, pleated filter element, cone filter, filter disc, leaf filter, baffle grease filter, etc. Besides, we can design the special usage and shape filter element according to customers requirements. Also we can provide the professional technical parameters to meet the special application.

What Is Filter Element?

Filter element is a filter equipment used on machine device to filter industrial contaminants or separate the gas, liquid and solid. Its material can be carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. Filter media designed with single or multi-layer includes wedge wire, various wire mesh, perforation mesh, sintered mesh. Because different industries require different shapes and technical parameters, the filter element can be made into different shapes and adopt different materials with various filter rate. Filter element features high strength, high precision, temperature resistance, high dirty capacity, washable back, repeated using and durability. It improves greatly work efficiency for different industries.

What Is the Features of Filter Element?

  • Metal construction.
  • High pressure and temperature resistance.
  • Great flow area and high precision filter rate.
  • High permeability.
  • High dirt-holding capacity.
  • Safe, reliable.
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-aging.
  • Easy to install.
  • Low cost operation and maintenance costs.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Washable to reuse.
  • Long working life.
  • Other filter element and size customization.
Hot Products

Wedge wire filter element made of stainless steel, galvanized wire is welded with profile wire and support rod, ideal for gas and liquid filtration.

Filter nozzle made of wedge wire which can be stainless steel and other metal materials features high strength, anti-aging, anti-temperature.

Cylindrical filter element made of multi-layers sintered wire mesh can be produce into different shapes, widely used in filtration industries.

Pleated filter element made of stainless steel sintered felt and wire cloth features high dirty capacity, temperature resistance.

The most popular products and specifications