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We design and produce filer element

Only the professional manufacture of filter element can produce the high quality and high precision filter element to meet different filtration requirements. You have found the professional supplier of filter element.

We produce filter element

We are a leading manufacture of filter element. Since 2000, we have been designing and producing the filter element. We have accumulated rich experience and advanced technology, and have built the abroad agents and cooperation partners. Now our filter element mainly includes wedge wire filter element, filter nozzle, cylindrical filter element, cone filter, leaf filter, filter disc, pleated filter element, etc.

We guarantee the highest quality

We know how important it is to the customers, the low-quality product can make the customers disappointed and they will lose the faith to a company. So we are committed to provide the superior quality products to ensure the maximum performance and efficiency of their working. We have found the quality control team to inspect the products. There are high quality requirements in every process of the production and every product passes a through inspection procedure before it reaches the customers. What is more, our product meet the industry standard.

We invest in technology

In order to design the new product and reduce the cost to meet customers requirements, we have our own research laboratory. Our modern machinery and experienced team of engineer and designers ensures provides optimal solutions. At the same time, we build cooperation with the research institutes, send our workers to study the new technology abroad. We keep up with the world level of producing.

We are responsible

  • We are responsible to product
    We use the high quality and free-pollution materials which make our product environment protection and has no damaging to the filter equipment. Besides, once the product is finished, we arrange the professional quality control workers to test and inspect the product. What have done is to make sure the product is qualified.
  • We are responsible to workers
    All the high quality production can not be separated with our dedicated workers. In order to make the workers work comfortably, we create a good working environment, such as arrange the cultural and physical activities. Establish reasonable reward system, when our worker has difficulties we give the their hand first time.
  • We are responsible to society
    A enterprise has a close link with society, so we give our care to society. Sponsored the school, rural infrastructure and hospital construction, help poor families. We try our best to make the society harmony.

We provides comprehensive services

By working closely with our customers, we are fully aware of the challenges and difficulties posed by the market. So only the high quality product is not enough, we pay more attention to the service. When it is the stage of an order, we have professional engineer and service team to provide customers the best advice, the optimal parameters, correction installation technology to ensure the correct operation. The professional team makes our customers use our produce efficiently.