High filtration rate filter element

Brass silencer is widely used to reduce dynamic noise of the pneumatic components. It is typically used for valves, cylinders, pneumatic tools and systems.

Wedge wire filter element made of stainless steel, galvanized wire is welded with profile wire and support rod, ideal for gas and liquid filtration.

Filter nozzle made of wedge wire which can be stainless steel and other metal materials features high strength, anti-aging, anti-temperature.

Cylindrical filter element made of multi-layers sintered wire mesh can be produce into different shapes, widely used in filtration industries.

Pleated filter element made of stainless steel sintered felt and wire cloth features high dirty capacity, temperature resistance.

Filter bag cage made of carbon steel, stainless steel, has different shapes and connection styles to meet the requirements of removing dust.

Temporary filter made of perforation, weave mesh provides the protection for mechanical equipment. Used for process, powder, marine industry.

Sintered powder filter element made of titanium and stainless steel has different connectors and is new style filter for different industries.

Sintered filter disc made of multi-layer sintered wire mesh with filtration rating from 0.5 to 200 micron, used for pharmaceutics, chemical industries

Filter disc made of stainless steel, galvanized and other material wire mesh can be single or multi-layer mesh. Ideal for solid filtration.

Perforated filter tube made of galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum plate is perforated with different hole size and shapes for the core of filter.

Sintered leaf filter made of sintered fiber web and woven stainless steel wire mesh is ideal for thin film, plastic and other industries.

Pressure leaf filter made of multi-layers various mesh wire cloth includes vertical and horizontal types, ideal for liquid and solid filtration.

Metal air filter features aluminum and steel construction which is made of crimped, expanded metal mesh, improving air quality for different industries

Filter baskets are made of perforated holes and weave mesh as filter media, including standard and slanted shape filter basket.

Baffle grease filter made of aluminum, stainless and steel is mush easier used. It efficiently collects grease and stops flame from into hood ductwork.

Honeycomb grease filter made of acid resistance aluminum, stainless and steel provides extremely low resistance to air flow and ease of cleaning.

Metal foams refer to special metal materials containing foam pores. These new materials have small density, good performances of heat & sound insulation.

The aluminum-based honeycomb photocatalyst filter has been widely used in air conditioners, degradation of formaldehyde and automotive purification systems.

Sintered titanium powder filter elements are designed for water aeration system. There are various shapes for choice, e.g. plate, cylindrical & mushroom head.